Match 09Edit

Pregame report

A new player debuts for the Rage today Micah Cheung Scouting report on him is that he is a team player and knows the fundamentals of soccer. Prediction is that he will start off with a bang and possibly score 5-6 goals this tournment. Lawrence plays in his 3rd series and is still scoreless. He will try to get into the score sheet. To date he is the worst scoring player in the league. The Anger's will play with a man advantange and this should help them. Expect a tight game today. Newcomer Micah will have to make his pressence felt otherwise the Rage will lose aganist a 4 man team of Anger's. Veer and Justin probably won't get enough space today and thus might have to rely more on their long range shots. Only 1 match was played in this series due to a lot of stopage in the play. 2 soccer balls were lost and a lot of time was spent finding the two balls. In fact there was more stoppage time than actual game time. The Rage won this match by score of 5-3 and won this series and now lead by 5-3. This was a 3 vs 4 match where Rage went with Veer, Justin and debut of Micah. The Anger's went with Raj Kumar, Geoffrey Chan, Daisee, and Lawerence.

Micah made an impressive debut as he scored 2 of the 5 goal's. This was one of the best debuts by a new comer in recent history. He also played good defense at the back. Justin scored 2 goals as well, but this wasn't one of his best games. He felt he didnt have the space. Veer scored 1 goal and he too didn't have a great game. Many of his shots were off the target.

Raj Kumar scored all 3 goals for the Rage. He was playing with injured right hamstring. injured left ankle and in this game he injured his groin muscle. Despite the injury and his limited usage of the left foot he still played a good game.

Geoffrey didn't score any goals but had some great moves. Daisee and Lawerence didn't do much in the game. Lawerence still remains scoreless in his 3rd series of play.

The Rage now lead the season series 5-3 and have won 5 straight games after dropping first 3.

This was perhaps the most frustrating game played this season with so many stoppage in the game.



Players G1 G2 G3 G4* G5*
Veer Hitt I
Justin Wong I I
Micah I I
Raj Kumar I I I
Geoffrey Chan
Daisee Tang

* If necessary

Game StatisticsEdit

Players GP G GPG
Veer Hitt 1 1 1.00
Justin Wong 1 2 2.00
Micah 1 2 2.00
Raj Kumar 1 3 3.00
Geoffrey Chan 1 0 0.00
Daisee Tang 1 0 0.00
Lawrence 1 0 0.00

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