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Marpole Rink Soccer Club (MRSC) is a Canadian rink soccer club based in Vancouver, Canada. It was formed in 2004 and is currently in it's 9th season. The club's co-founders are Veer Hitt and Justin Wong. Seasons operate annually from early Spring to late Fall.

Games are generally played 3-on-3 in an outdoor rink with a standard size 5 soccer ball. Alternate variations are also accepted with 4-on-4 or using a size 4 soccer ball instead, as well as playing on grass. Each game will be played up to 5 goals, in a best of 5 match. But due to time constraints, a best of 3 match may take place instead, or a draw may be declared. There are no official goalkeepers, and while guarding the net is allowed, intentional hand contact with the ball is prohibited at all times.


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Established in 2007 Established in 2004 2004 - 2005 2004 - 2007
Team fca Team fcb
Established in 2014 Established in 2014

Laws of the Game

  • 1: Kick-Off
    • a: Players from both teams shall remain behind center in their own defensive zone prior to the kick-off.
    • b: The team with first possession shall take the kick-off from the center of the rink.
    • c: The team with first possession must wait at least 15 seconds for the opposition to get ready before kick-off. Such as allowing the scorekeeper to finish recording the result of a previous goal before proceeding with the kick-off.
    • d: The team with first possession may play the kick-off after 15 seconds, regardless if the opposition is ready or not.
    • e: The first player must pass the ball before a direct kick can be taken at the opponent's net. He cannot carry up the ball by himself.
    • f: The opposing team may not check the team with first possession until they make contact with the ball.
  • 2: Player absence
    • a: A player that leaves the rink at any time in the middle of the game may do so at his own expense. The game shall continue without stoppage.
  • 3: Free kick
    • a: All free kicks are direct, therefore, direct shots at the net are permitted.
    • b: The opposing team shall remain 5 feet away from the player taking the free kick.
    • c: The opposing team may not check the team with possession until they make contact with the ball.
  • 4: Ball out of play
    • a: The team that kicks or deflects the ball out of the rink shall forfeit a free kick to the opposing team at the location of where the ball exit the rink.
  • 5: Handball
    • a: Ball contact made from the side of the shouder down to the tip of the fingers is the effective region of a handball.
    • b: A handball is considered deliberate when the arms or hands are used to stop or propell the ball. A stoppage of play shall initiate immediately.
    • c: Play shall continue for an accidental handball. Accidental handball includes:
      • 1: Shots that are kicked directly at a player's arms or hands, where the ball meets the arms or hands of the player without action on his part.
      • 2: When the ball bounces off the ground, wall, or another player, and touches a player's arms or hands without action on his part.
    • d: The affect of a handball may vary depending on the situation of play around the net, exmaples shown below.
Deliberate Handball Automatic Goal Body Protection
Rules handball Rules goal Rules protection
A deliberate handball on a missed shot that deflects away from the net shall forfeit a free kick to the opposition at the spot of the infraction. If a handball is commited by the defending team near their own goal area, a free kick shall be awarded in the offensive zone for the opposition.

1: Deliberate or accidental handball commited by the defending player on a conclusive shot that is in path to enter the net shall be deemed an automatic goal for the opposition.
2: Delilberate or accidental handball commited by the defending player that deflects the ball into his own net shall be deemed as an automatic goal for the opposition.

A player shall be permitted to cover their body with their hand or arm for body or face protection, provided that ball is not propelled in any way, and the arms and hands shall not extend beyond the body.

2014 Scoresheet

Date Teams G1 G2 G3 G4* G5* Climate Notes
Mar 20, 2014 Score fca 5 5 2 - - 8°C - Dry 4v4
Thu, 7:30pm Score fcb 2 3 3 - - Rink
Mar 26, 2014 Score fca 4 2 2 - - 10°C - Wet 3v3
Wed, 8:00pm Score fcb 5 5 5 - - Rink
Mar 30, 2014 Score fca - - - - - n/a 4v4
Sun, 5:00pm Score fcb - - - - - Gym
Apr 04, 2014 Score fca - - - - - n/a 4v4
Fri, 8:00pm Score fcb - - - - - Gym
Jun 19, 2014 Score fca - - - - - 17°C - Wet 3v3
Thu, 7:30 pm Score fcb - - - - - Rink

* If necessary

2014 Winning Combinations

4v4 Teams W
Raj - Sandeep - Veer - Vince 1
Geoff - Raj - Sandeep - Vince  1
Geoff - Micah - Rocky - Veer 1
3v3 Teams W
Justin - Raj - Rocky 1
Micah - Rocky - Veer 1
Justin - Raj - Veer 1

2014 Player Statistics

Players MP GPM GP W L W% G GPG
Raj Kumar 2 2.50 6 3 3 0.50 5 0.83
Veer Hitt 2 6.50 6 5 1 0.83 13 2.17
Justin Wong 1 5.00 3 2 1 0.67 5 1.67
Geoffrey Chan 1 2.00 3 2 1 0.67 2 0.67
Micah Cheung 2 2.50 6 2 4 0.33 5 0.83
Rocky Li 2 2.00 6 3 3 0.50 4 0.67
Sandeep Kumar 2 3.00 6 2 4 0.33 6 1.00
Vince Sooriyami 1 3.00 3 2 1 0.67 3 1.00
Daisee Tang 1 0.00 3 0 3 0.00 0 0.00

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