Match 03

The Angers swept this match with convincing scores of 5-0, 5-1, and 5-0. As usual, Raj Kumar led all scorers with 9 goals while Geoff contributed with 5 goals. Raymond, a former regular from team DGF, made a guest appearance and joined with the Angers to replace Sandeep. This was his first game in almost 3 years and he contributed by scoring 1 goal and blocking a lot of shots as the "goalkeeper". Raymond will return to Ottawa next week, therefore, this most likely will be Raymond's only appearance of the season. Alpha, an former member of team DGF, also made his season debut today. He was a bit rusty as he didn't score any goals although he did generate many scoring chances.

The Angers dominated the game with their passing and accurate shooting skills. The Rage were left frustrated. Justin Wong had a terrible game. In fact, one of his teammates quoted after the game, "Justin was pathetic. Even a paraplegic person with no legs or hands could have stopped many of the shots that went past him." It was a very frustrating day for the Rage. Justin's teammates felt that he was the sole reason the lost today. The Rage were so frustrated today that the 2 teammates, Veer and Justin, didn't even talk to each other after the game. This is now the 3rd straight loss for the Rage. It seems that the losing streak is causing doubt and confidence issues among the Rage team.


Players G1 G2 G3 G4* G5*
Veer Hitt I
Justin Wong
Raj Kumar I I I I I I I I I
Geoffrey Chan I I I I I
Raymond I

* If necessary

Game Statistics

Players GP G GPG
Veer Hitt 3 1 0.33
Justin Wong 3 0 0.00
Alpha 3 0 0.00
Raj Kumar 3 9 3.00
Geoffrey Chan 3 5 1.67
Raymond 3 1 0.33

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